Para quienes ya tuvieron la suerte de visitarlo, el 239-20 Café de Seúl es, sin dudas, una experiencia sin igual.

“Queríamos crear un interior llamativo para nuestros clientes”, explicó Eun-Jin Lee, su creador y para ello pensó que lo mejor sería hacer que sus clientes se sientan dentro de un dibujo animado.

Como el resultado fue muy bien logrado, cientos de cuentas de Instagram de todo el mundo eligen esta confitería para tomar sus fotos. Y a juzgar por las fotos…¡quién no lo haría!

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#repost @agata0710 . – -English Below- 거의 일주년에 다시 이 예쁘고 아늑한 카페 왔다! 자리를 별로 없지만 자리 잡으면 정말 사진찍고 이야기 하기 좋은 카페입니다! 신기하게 카페 이름도 없어요! 🤗 이름은 그냥 주소 이에요 ㅋㅋㅋ 저음에 정말 신기했어요! 이번에 우리는 달라떼랑 바닐라라떼 시켜먹었어요! 너무 달콤달콤 ☕️ 가울 왔으니까 저는 이제 아이스 커피말고 다뜻한 커피 마셨어요! 여러분 가울이나 겨울에 커피 어떻게 마셔요? 아이스로 아니면 다뜻한거로? 한국사람들이 아이스 아메리카노 언제든지 많이 먹는것 같아서 궁금해요 🤔 저는 날씨 추을때 다뜻한거밖에 못먹어요! . It’s been almost a year and I am back to this lovely cafe! Even though it is really small and has a few seats, once you grab one, you will not want to leave!💕 The atmostphere is not only nice to take pictures, but it also really cozy just to have a chat. I don’t know why but I associate it with colder seasons more. Because of the mugs, maybe? ❄️ A randon fun fact: this cafe does not have a name! You need to look up its’ adress in order to find it, because the adress is literally the name! 🙊🙊🙊 This time I ordered vanilla latte and @ihopediversebeauty took 달latte which literally translates like sweet latte. Our drinks indeed were really sweet 👀 But I liked it. As the weather is getting colder, I already transitioned from iced to warm drinks! Warm coffe is my favorite ☕️ What about you guys? Do you prefer iced drinks all the year around? Or the opposite? Or maybe just like me, you just adjust it depending on the season? 😻 I am really curious, because I have noticed that many Koreans tend to stick to Ice Americano no matter what season it is. What is your choice? 🍪 . . . . . . . . . #연남동카페 #연남동239_20 #홍대카페 #예쁜카페 #바닐라라떼 #카페스타그램 #커피 #연남동 #서울커페 #사진찍기좋은카페 #외국인 #일상 #서울가이드 #yeonnamdongcafe #seoulcafe #hongdae #hongdaecafe #seoul #exploreseoul #southkorea #korea #visitkorea #igkorea #visitseoul #cutecafe #prettycafe #beautiful #art #crative

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Gemes cafenya ♡

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