Moby publicó su nuevo disco

Moby publicó su nuevo disco


Este viernes Moby presento su nuevo disco, “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt“. Se trata del décimo quinto álbum de estudio del músico norteamericano, y del sucesor de “More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse” (2017).

Track listing “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt”:

1.Mere Anarchy
2.The Waste Of Suns
3.Like A Motherless Child
4.The Last Of Goodbyes
5.The Ceremony Of Innocence
6.The Tired And The Hurt
7.Welcome To Hard Times
8.The Sorrow Tree
9.Falling Rain And Light
10.The Middle is Gone
11.This Wild Darkness
12.A Dark Cloud Is Coming
Tapa del disco:

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